About the teachers ...

At the Allen School, all the teachers are fully qualified and experienced in each subject they teach.

The teachers get to know each child and can help build self-confidence, discipline and poise, so bringing out the best in each child.

Whether classes are done 'as a hobby' for fun, or more seriously, the school prides itself that its pupils are taught with care and understanding and maintains the high standard that the school is well known for.

Principal - Elise Wright
Fully registered teacher of the Royal Academy Dance.

LIDTA - Ballet & Modern Jazz
AIDTA - Tap, Theatre Craft, Freestyle, Ballroom & Dance Exercise
AISTD - Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz & National
FBATD - Ballet, Tap, Modern & Stage
FellowUKA - Ballet, Tap, Modern, Disco, Ballroom & Latin/
AUKA - Dipl. Drama & Dipl. Line Dancing.

Head teacher - Sharon Martin

AIDTA - Modern Jazz
MBATD - Tap & Stage
AUKA - Modern


Tonja Mountford

LIDTA - Ballet
AISTD - Modern Jazz & Tap

Debra Dickinson

AIDTA - Modern Jazz

Joanne Hutson

AUKA - Dipl. Drama & Modern


Miss Elise has been teaching for over 35 years, Miss Sharon for over 20 years, Miss Tonja for over 10 years, Miss Debra for over 5 years and Miss Jo for over 15 years.

All are very experienced in the handling of children, especially Pre-School, so if your child seems to be upset by being left, please be assured that they will be looked after with the utmost care and attention.

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